Monday, December 1, 2008

Well, I've done it. I've been contemplating doing a blog for some time now, and a conversation with old friends, who, thankfully, were enthusiastic about my idea and know me well enough to know when I need a push, has resulted in this first post. Also helpful is my associate, Michelle, who is techno savvy enough to walk me through a process that wasn't difficult at all!!!!

I work at an oceanfront club on the South Carolina coast, and have "produced," for lack of a better word, over 100 weddings at this oceanfront venue in the past 3 years. Some ceremonies we do on a deck/boardwalk/pool area and the others are directly on the sand. Most often they are at sunset. Typically we have the cocktail hour outside with dinner/reception inside our clubhouse. Each wedding is different, of course, but with this many in my pocket, I know a thing or two about weddings on water.

I'll get into the other aspects of my background in later posts, but anybody out there has any questions about weddings, especially if outdoors, I'm happy to answer. I hate to sound like a sap, but weddings are awesome. The planning process can be confusing, draining, exciting, etc, and every girl wants to do things her way to be most reflective of her style and vision, but the best advice you can get is listen to other people's mistakes so that you don't make them your own!