Thursday, December 18, 2008

wedding arch

This is one of the best interpretations of a wedding arch that I've ever seen. Two trees (wish I had asked the florist the name! lesson learned) are simply tied together at the top, creating a beautiful, organic focal point for this ceremony on our oceanfront deck. The base/roots are covered, thankfully, otherwise it wouldn't work as well.

What a great idea. Just think about it, after the wedding, the couple could take the trees home, plant them, and enjoy them in their yard for years. Perfect re-purposing!

Friday, December 12, 2008

wedding dresses

I just got off a phone call with a bride I'm working with who's having a tough time finding a great wedding dress for the beach. I've posted this photo of a wedding we had this summer. This wedding dress is one of the best I've ever seen for the atmosphere and the beach environment. It's simple, sophisticated, and basically, beachy. One of the things to keep in mind when shopping for a beach wedding dress is to not overdress for the location. Giant, satin ballgowns are perfect for cathedral weddings, but they look out of place on the beach. Not to mention, beaches are sandy and often hot and humid, so consider the weight of the dress, as well. The last thing you want is to look out of place at your own wedding. And believe me, it happens.

Ruth, thanks for sending me this photo. I can't remember who desinged your dress or where you got it, but if you're out there and want to pipe in, that'd be great. I will say that J.Crew has awesome beach wedding dresses. They're extremely well-priced, too. Also, the wrong wedding dress isn't the only thing that can look out of place at a beach wedding. The groom's attire can be totally wrong, as well. The groom in this photo, however, looks perfect for the occasion and location. Personally, tuxes can be a little heavy and a little overdressed. This suit is the perfect color and degree of formality for this bride's dress. They look great. And they were really nice to work with!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

starfish placecard favors

One of the best things about having a wedding on the ocean/beach is that you have all the reason in the world to incorporate starfish. Who doesn't love starfish? In this photo, starfish were used not only as favors that guests to take home with them, but they served a second purpose, as placecards for guest seating at the reception. This is a super-easy thing to do yourself. Buy the starfish (great website is, print the guest name and corresponding table number on a card, and attach the card to starfish using a thin ribbon that coordinates with the rest of the the colors of the day. I've also used natural raffia for a very organic feel. Colored raffia works well, too.

The tray in this photo is actually a clear, plastic picture frame. Turn it over, and it's a tray. The sand is a key element here, and you have to get it right or the whole project will be a disaster. In my opinion, craft sand works really well. You can buy it at craft stores like Michael's. What you shouldn't try is sandbox sand that you buy at Home Depot. It's moist, heavy, and it clumps. You may assume that you can just use sand from the beach, but I wouldn't. You'd be surprised how dirty beach sand is when you bring it inside!! Another key, buying enough of the craft sand. You'd be surprised how much sand it takes to fill a tray deep enough so that the starfish can be propped up in it. If you're not using a wedding designer/planner/coordinator and you're doing this all yourself, remember to alphabetize the placecards by last name. You'd be surprised how many brides forget to do this. Without alphabetizing, there's no rhyme or reason to the display, and your guests will have a hard time finding their name and moving out of the way for other guests to find theirs! This will result in a bottleneck at the entrance to the reception (escort table).

Monday, December 1, 2008

Well, I've done it. I've been contemplating doing a blog for some time now, and a conversation with old friends, who, thankfully, were enthusiastic about my idea and know me well enough to know when I need a push, has resulted in this first post. Also helpful is my associate, Michelle, who is techno savvy enough to walk me through a process that wasn't difficult at all!!!!

I work at an oceanfront club on the South Carolina coast, and have "produced," for lack of a better word, over 100 weddings at this oceanfront venue in the past 3 years. Some ceremonies we do on a deck/boardwalk/pool area and the others are directly on the sand. Most often they are at sunset. Typically we have the cocktail hour outside with dinner/reception inside our clubhouse. Each wedding is different, of course, but with this many in my pocket, I know a thing or two about weddings on water.

I'll get into the other aspects of my background in later posts, but anybody out there has any questions about weddings, especially if outdoors, I'm happy to answer. I hate to sound like a sap, but weddings are awesome. The planning process can be confusing, draining, exciting, etc, and every girl wants to do things her way to be most reflective of her style and vision, but the best advice you can get is listen to other people's mistakes so that you don't make them your own!