Friday, May 8, 2009

clubhouse construction

Just a few months away from completion of our new ocean view clubhouse. What a big change from the old one! In terms of weddings, this building will have a decked out bride's room (window to the left of the front door), which will be the perfect spot to get ready for the big day. It'll be a welcome hideaway, too, as all brides and bridesmaids need a cozy spot to take a breather, reapply lipstick, etc. Further down the hall is a pre-function space, perfect for cocktail hour. It also serves as the backup space when an outdoor ceremony on the Ocean Terrace needs to move inside due to weather. Doesn't happen often, but you always need a good Plan B. The pre-function space (Carolina Room) opens onto the Atlantic Ballroom, which will be beautiful. You can see the ocean from both rooms, and they each have great access to a deep wrap-around veranda, as indoor-outdoor weddings are what we do best.
As soon as the building is finished and decorated, I'll have photos of the whole thing posted here.