Wednesday, January 7, 2009

beach wedding photography

This time of year I get a ton of requests for information from couples who recently got engaged over the holidays. Not only do they want to know about the availability for a beach wedding where I happen to work, but they also want suggestions on things like beach wedding photography. I'm married to a commercial photographer who also happens to shoot weddings. In addition, I was a photographers' agent in NYC for 10 years before moving to the coast of South Carolina, going to culinary school, and getting into the wedding business. Photography is obviously one of our specialties!

I asked my husband to offer his single most important piece of advice for being photographed on a sunny beach. He thought a while and gave a simple suggestion: If the sun must be shining in your eyes for whatever reason (this happens sometimes if you're insisting on a particular background - like the ocean! - and the positioning can't be avoided), right before the photographer is going to click the shutter, look down at the sand for a few seconds, keep your eyes open, and then look up at the camera for the shot. The photographer needs to know you're doing this so that she/he can take the photo immediately while your eyes are still wide and not yet squinting again. By looking down at the sand, your eyes will get acclimated to the reduction in sunlight, and they will open more. Pick up your head toward the sun for the shot, and there's a short timeframe for your photographer to capture your eyes open. Often, photographers will tell you to close your eyes and then open them for the shot. Bad idea. You'll over-compensate when you open, and the result is the deer-in-the-headlights look. Attractive! Feel free to take a look at Chris' wedding site at to see some beach shots. All the beach weddings you'll see took place on our island.